Bomoh’s unfounded claim killed my son, says navy cadet’s dad

The dad of naval force cadet Zulfarhan Osman Zulkarnain has nailed the fault for his child’s passing to the bomoh who blamed him for taking a PC.

“My child is the survivor of an allegation,” said Zulkarnain Idros. “The bomoh made a pass in obscurity. He had no confirmation, however my child’s name sprung up.”

Zulfarhan, an understudy at the National Defense University (UPNM), passed on in the wake of experiencing 90 consume wounds a hot steam iron. He was assaulted by a gathering of understudies who trusted the bomoh’s case.

During the homicide preliminary in May 2018, bomoh Abdullah Md Seh told the court he got signs that Zulfarhan had taken the PC. He said he saw dreams of Zulfarhan’s name and that the signs were from his own instinct.

Abdullah is the dad of one of the six UPNM understudies who were accused of the homicide.

On Nov 2, the Kuala Lumpur High Court condemned the six to 18 years in prison for causing Zulfarhan’s passing.

Muhammad Akmal Zuhairi Azmal, Azamuddin Md Sofi, Muhammad Najib Mohd Razi, Muhammad Afif Najmudin Azahat, Mohamad Shobirin Sabri and Abdoul Hakeem Mohd Ali were sentenced for chargeable manslaughter not adding up to kill.

The court likewise forced a three-year prison sentence on 12 other UPNM understudies, including Abdullah’s child, for attacking Zulfarhan to compel him to admit to taking the PC Justice Azman Abdullah said the 90 consume wounds incurred for Zulfarhan had caused his passing yet decided that it was anything but a planned homicide.

Zulkarnain told FMT said he and his better half actually thought that it is hard to find some peace with the manner in which their oldest kid was tormented for two days straight.

He said: “Two days straight. Was there actually no aim? I’m not scrutinizing the court’s choice, however the young men’s goal.

“In any case, I need to acknowledge this. My child is gone and I’ve as of now excused them.”

His family’s potential for equity presently relies on the Attorney-General’s Chambers’ allure against the High Court’s ruling.Zulkarnain approached the Malay people group to take an illustration from the case and to quit counseling bomohs, saying it was against Islamic lessons.

He said it could cause divisions and hatred “and even passing, as for this situation”.

Pahang mufti Abdul Rahman Osman likewise exhorted Muslims against having faith in seers and bomohs, cautioning that it conflicted with Islam.

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