Jakim’s ‘Klink Rohani’ to help mentally affected Covid-19 patients

The division of Islamic turn of events (Jakim) has delivered a particular manual for advisors in executing otherworldly mending programs for Covid-19 patients who are experiencing psychological wellness and passionate issues.

Delegate strict issues serve Ahmad Marzuk Shaary said the program, known as “Klinik Rohani”, would include treatment strategies utilizing Imam Al-Ghazali’s methodology including passionate and social viewpoints.

Imam Al-Ghazali was a noticeable Persian rationalist and spiritualist.

Marzuk said the pilot project began today at the Covid-19 quarantine and treatment focus (PKRC) in Tampin Hospital and would be trailed by chosen PKRCs as per zones.

“Klinik Rohani is a drive to give profound direction to Covid-19 patients who are genuinely impacted, particularly when hospitalized.

“This venture means to assist patients with seeking the best treatment dependent on religion,” he told a public interview after the dispatch of the facility here today.

Remarking further, Marzuk said Jakim had positioned in excess of 2,000 frameworks or collaborator officials for Islamic strict undertakings at clinics and area police base camp (IPD) all through the nation to give profound direction to Covid-19 patients and other staff.

In the mean time, he said Jakim additionally gave profound consideration direction to Muslim and non-Muslim patients who are going through isolation at home through the MyCare Covid-19 assistance at 03-8870 7000.

From June 1 to Nov 1, MyCare Covid-19 had gotten more than 3,600 objections, including from non-Muslims, he said.

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