Mahathir criticises overreach by shariah authorities

Previous state head Dr Mahathir Mohamad has reprimanded the shariah framework, contending in his journal that shariah courts and strict specialists have exposed non-Muslims to their purview in specific cases.

“Albeit Malaysian shariah law expresses that the shariah court just has locale over Muslims, strict specialists and the shariah courts have exposed non-Muslim life partners to their purview also,” he said, alluding to a few antagonistic guardianship fights including change of kids to Islam.

“We are as yet unfit to take care of the complicated issues emerging from the covering purviews when customary law says a certain something and shariah law says another.”

In his book, Capturing Hope: The Struggle Continues for a New Malaysia, which was formally dispatched today, Mahathir additionally condemned a few activities of the strict specialists, saying it appeared they had surpassed their abilities under the law.

He included that driving shariah law adherents of different religions was probably going to cause fights, obstruction and insecurity, referring to it as “an activity despicable in the Quran” and “unavoidably unimaginable”.

He said the Quran expressed an individual ought not be compelled to acknowledge a religion or conviction without wanting to.

Mahathir additionally refered to insurance for others to affirm their own confidence in the Constitution under Article 3(1), which states different religions can be rehearsed openly.

“As most Muslims in Malaysia keep on rehearsing the necessary ceremonies and pass on the rest to the ulama, strict specialists have acquired the position to infringe on more regions, including those covered by custom-based law.”

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