Nationwide liquor licence rule shocks Guan Eng

A brew deals limitation at coffeehouses and cafés from the following month in Perlis and a further government necessity for all kopitiam to have an alcohol permit to sell lager has frightened DAP’s Lim Guan Eng.

This is one more indication of additional disintegration of non-Muslim privileges in the country, the DAP secretary-general said in light of a traditions office preparation to kopitiam and eatery administrators in Perlis, notice them of a crackdown on those selling lager at their outlets without getting an alcohol permit.

The Perlis government, through its neighborhood committees there, has additionally restricted lager deals to four containers every day, it was accounted for.

The two principles will produce results in January, with China Press citing customs officials as saying this followed the necessities of a 1976 extract guideline.

In an assertion today, Lim said these coffeehouses and eateries would now be needed to pay more than RM1,000 in customs alcohol licenses when business had drooped during the pandemic.

He said the permit administering would influence great many cafés and eateries, which just create little gains from selling lager.

Lim said some coffeehouses may be compelled to quit selling brew in view of the great permit charges.

“Is this the result expected and the genuine political inspiration of the national government to consent to the desires of the radical party, PAS?

“This is about purposely forcing superfluous limitations and meddling in the way of life and strategic approaches of non-Muslims that have stayed undisturbed since Merdeka just to fulfill PAS,” he said.

The PAS-drove Kedah government had before declared that it would control liquor deals in “low-request” regions and boycott 4D gaming shops.

Lim asked the non-Muslim Cabinet individuals, including those from Sabah and Sarawak, why they didn’t have a problem with such a decision.

He said DAP’s lawful group would now concentrate on the issue and promptly indict the matter.

“DAP urges nearby legislatures, particularly in Pakatan Harapan-controlled states, not to carry out such guidelines that confine and breaking point the current freedoms of non-Muslims,” he said.

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