Taman Melawati residents protest over stalled sewerage work

Taman Melawati inhabitants picketed today to vent their disappointment over the uncompleted sewerage overhauling work in their area.

They asserted the task had been slowed down for quite some time and had made a ton of burden occupants.

Taman Melawati Residents Association administrator Azhari Abd Taharim said the streets had become perilous for drivers and walkers the same because of prior burrowing.

This had brought about mishaps and harm to vehicles, he said in an assertion today.

Azhari said the undertaking advisor had started work in 2018 and had made many vows to finish the work.

“The applicable specialists don’t appear to be not kidding about settling this issue,” he said.

Azhari asked the specialists to cover every one of the potholes and eliminate all hoardings while sitting tight for the sewerage work to be finished.

FMT has connected with the climate and water service for input on this.

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